Working Groups

Visita_campo_Quebec_sep_2017_Abel_Plascencia - Abel Plascencia González

NAFC carries out its mandate by supporting research and natural resource management activities through working groups that explore issues of concern to the three countries.

Since Canada, Mexico and the United States contain a mix of boreal, temperate and tropical ecosystems, the results of the commission’s work can be applied more broadly to assist other countries and regions facing similar conditions.

These working groups include:

  1. Climate, Atmospheric Change & Forests
  2. Fire Management & Forests
  3. Forests, Insects, Diseases & Invasive Plants
  4. Silviculture
  5. Forest Inventory & Monitoring
  6. Forest Genetic Resources
  7. Urban Forest Programs

There is also an ad hoc working group on  forest communication and illegal logging.

Working Groups, please explore Toolbox & Resources to find funding request guidelines, award nomination guidance, letterhead, and more.