The Climate, Atmospheric Change & Forests Working Group

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MISSION:  The Climate, Atmospheric Change & Forests Working Group promotes the knowledge of forest ecosystems through the science and monitoring of the effects of atmospheric changes on these forests, through international cooperation and dissemination of new technologies and techniques among the cooperating countries.


The working group:

  • Promotes the collection, exchange and dissemination of information and techniques in the field of monitoring of forest health and the evaluation of the effects of atmospheric changes on forests.
  • Prepares publications on the state of the health of forests in North America based on the monitoring of forest health conditions in the three countries.
  • Fosters international cooperation, in the field of detection and effects of atmospheric changes on forests, within North America among scientists and forest managers and other natural resource agencies.
  • Fosters communication with other NAFC Working Groups and with those of other FAO Forestry Commissions.

Working Group Members

Marcos Casiano Domínguez

Manager of Forests and Climate Change




José Armando Alanís de la Rosa

Manager of National Forest Monitoring System



Rafael Mayorga Saucedo

Technical Manager of the Monitoring, Reporting and Verification System



María de los Ángeles Soriano Luna

Specialist on Modeling and Assessment of Forest Mitigation Actions


Carolyn Smyth

Canadian Forest Service


Isabelle Aubin
Canadian Forest Service

Craig Wayson
US Forest Service


Christopher Swanston
Climate Advisor

US Forest Service


Grant Domke
Research Forester

US Forest Service


Sara Goeking

Forest Inventory and Analysis National Program Manager

US Forest Service


Highlights of the State of the Carbon Cycle Report for North America