The Fire Management Working Group

The Fire Management Working Group is a forum for exchanging experience and technology for the protection and control of forest fires; for cooperation among the three NAFC countries to develop strategies and actions to solve technical and management problems; and to actively participate with international agencies to conduct and promote activities that will foster world-wide cooperation and development.

  • Exchange experiences and technological advances regarding prevention, wildland fire management and fire use.
  • Provide mutual aid and technical exchanges between, Canada, Mexico and the United States in the development of strategy and appropriate actions to resolve technical problems of the North American region.
  • Actively support and participate in international fire management programs with fire management agencies throughout the world by developing and promoting activities that support international cooperation and development.

Fire management in our forests and grasslands is a problem of international proportions. Ecosystems and fires do not recognize international boundaries. Fire that is a threat to one nation’s forest resources is equally a threat to its neighbor.

The world has long recognized the need to protect our homes, fields, forests, and watersheds because they provide our homes, food, jobs, and recreation.

Forestry research is also teaching us the value of the forests and grasslands as ecosystems that are vital to the health and well being of everyone.


The Fire Management Working Group was established in 1962. The current charter was ratified at the November 2012 meeting.  Meetings rotate annually between the three member countries.

Eduardo Cruz Castañeda

Gerente de Manejo del Fuego Comisión Nacional Forestal


Dr. Diego Pérez Salicrup
Fire Management National Research Network


Juan Manuel Frausto
Director of Forest and Watershed Conservation
Mexican Nature Conservation Fund


Francisco Javier González Medina

Subdirector de Proyecto se Stratégicos
Comisión Nacional de ÁreasNaturales Protegidas


Mike Norton
Canadian Forest Service
Natural Resources Canada


Kim Connors
Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre


Cliff Chapman
Province of British Columbia


Dan Thompson

Research Scientist

Canadian Forest Service

Jerry Perez, Director

Fire and Aviation Management

U.S. Forest Service


Gordon Sachs
Fire and Aviation Management
U.S. Forest Service


Isidoro Solis
International Programs
U.S. Forest Service


Matt Jolly
Fire Sciences Laboratory

U.S. Forest Service

Fire Management Working Group Awards


  • The Distinguished Service Award: To recognize persons who have made an outstanding and/or long term contribution to international forest fire management that has resulted or should result in facilitating significant progress towards completion or major forest fire management initiatives of international significance.
  • Superior International Award or Exemplary Service Award: To recognize superior (or exemplary) fire management achievements by individuals or organizations in the area of training, research, policy, prevention, education, or equipment development.
  • Fire Management Working Group Merit Award: To recognize outstanding forest fire management initiatives which support the goals of the NAFC FMWG.

North America’s Fire Danger Map: