Forest Insects, Diseases and Invasive Plants Working Group

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The Forest Insects and Disease Working Group promotes the protection of forest resources throughout North America for the benefit of member countries and future generations. The Working Group aims to achieve this through: a) the prevention and eradication of forest insects and diseases and b) the maintenance and improvement of tree and forest health through international cooperation.


The working group:

  • Advises the NAFC and other authoritative North American organizations on major forest health issues faced by the three countries and requiring special attention from a research and policy perspective.
  • Facilitates technical knowledge exchanges informing proactive and effective pest risk management at the country and North American level.
  • Facilitates partnerships between key players involved in forest health management in North America and beyond.

Mark Budd



Jean-Luc St-Germain



Veronique Martel


Guillermo Sánchez Martínez



Abel Plascencia González



Honoria Chávez González



Malinali Santacruz Carrillo




Rick Cooksey

USDA-Forest Service


Beth Willhite

USDA-Forest Service

Achievements Highlights

  • Development of the EXFOR information system that compiles information on exotic pests with potential risk for the three countries:
    • Full implementation in Mexico of the digital aerial sketch mapping system used in the US for surveying forest pests.
    • Technical exchange for the implementation in Mexico of the US Forest Health Monitoring system.
    • Aviation safety training for Mexican Aerial Surveyors and aerial spray operations by US experts and follow-up assistance.
    • Implementation in Mexico of the U.S. risk mapping approach.
    • Training of Mexican researchers by US experts on gathering data, analysis and quality assurance of Forest Health indicators incorporated to the National Forest and Soils inventory.
    • Publication of books: Forest Diseases of Mexico (2007); Mistletoes of North America (2002); and Forest Insects of Mexico (1995).
    • Technical exchange on quarantine pests of mutual concern: Asian gypsy moth, emerald ash borer, Asian longhorn beetle, sudden oak death, sirex woodwasp.