Silviculture Working Group


The mission of the Silviculture Working Group is to develop and disseminate knowledge and technology on silviculture strategies, systems, and practices for North American forests to improve the quality of human life. Over the years, the working group has published several joint reports and has held workshops to discuss, review, and share information about the silvicultural challenges and opportunities facing the forests of North America.

Jean-Martin Lussier 
Natural Resources Canada
Canadian Forest Service

Mario Antonio Mosqueda Vázquez


Filemón Manzano Méndez

Vidal Guerra de la Cruz
National Institute of Forestry, Agriculture and Livestock Research


Juan Manuel Cassian Santos
Forest Expert, External Consultant

Dr. Mary Ann Fajvan
Research Forester
USDA Forest Service
Northern Research Station


Dr. Michael R. Saunders
Associate Professor of Hardwood Silviculture
Department of Forestry and Natural Resources
Purdue, University